What is a “Strategy Run”?

July 4, 2022

Have you ever been to a doctor for a checkup? Assuming you have, your doctor is going to examine you, find any issues you may have, and recommend certain actions for better health. That’s exactly what a Strategy Run is. It would be the first step in your SEO Strategy.

It is the first service we have in place for you.  Our job at this point is to look at your website’s health and examine it for any technical issues and recommend what can be done to generate more traffic for your business. It’s a lot more than that but that’s the simplest way we could explain it.

What is a Strategy Run?

Components of Strategy Run:

  1. Website Quality Audit
  2. Content Audit
  3. Keyword Gap Analysis
  4. SEO Strategy

Website Quality Audit (WQA):

Either You are just starting your business journey or a well-established company. Knowing where you are is very important.

What is a Website Quality Audit?

Quality Audit screens your website for technical roadblocks. It’s like having the best house in the neighborhood but then finding out the door doesn’t open. By analyzing the issues, we create an action plan for all technical issues found during the audit and put them on a spreadsheet for them to be reviewed and fixed. We use a tool called Screamingfrog for this.

What is a Website Quality Audit?

Content Audit: 

Content plays a huge role in being recognized as a service provider in front of google. Google will recommend you to its users if you have good quality content. It’s the interior of a house. The better looking it is more you want to stay. Content Audit starts with reviewing the existing content you have and determining its performance.

After the review, we create action for what needs to be changed, fixed, rewritten, or deleted.

Content Audit


Keyword Gap Analysis:

Keywords are what google knows you for. Its certain words that Google Searcher is looking for and your content has those words which result in being ranked higher.

How do you find out the right keywords for your business???

This is where KW Gap Analysis comes in. We template out all universal keywords for your industry, Research Competition using certain tools, and form ideas to populate the website. We use a tool called Semrush for this

Keyword Gap Analysis

SEO Strategy:

This is your check-up report from your doctor. We looked at technical roadblocks, detected all content-related issues, and found all the keywords that can be used.

SEO Strategy

Now we have a strategy. A strategy for us to lead your business in the right direction. Knowing all this will give you the confidence and idea to stare your ship in the right direction. We present this all in a SEO Strategy call that way you can make sound decisions for your business.

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