SEO For A Law Firm

July 14, 2022

SEO For A Law Firm: Achieved 150% Daily Increase in 6 Months and 898% Daily Traffic Increase for a Law Firm’s Website over 2 years!

You can get a substantial amount of website traffic just through content marketing alone.
When we started working with this law firm, we had one goal in mind – to get them more business.
The only way to do so was to drive quality targeted traffic to their website that converts and finds their content relevant.

So this was how it looked:

898% increase in traffic

And this is where we got them:

898% increase in traffic


The Analysis:

We determined five key areas which could be the main culprit for the site’s disappointing performance:

  • Low-quality link profile
  • Poor internal linking
  • Missing and/or duplicate content
  • Poor keyword research
  • Weak on page optimization
  • Mobile-unfriendly website

So with an uphill battle ahead of us, we had to create the right plan of attack.

The Solution:

We increased site’s traffic by 150% in only a matter of 6 months.


  • Intent-Based Keyword Strategy: 

We used answer-based keywords to rank targeting BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel) customers, driving action and saving costs instead of targeting other funnels. Based on this keyword strategy, we were able to rank the site in the top 3 search results for the majority of keywords:

SEO For Law Firm


SEO For Law Firm

  • Local SEO:

DUI ticket-related queries are often location-specific, like ‘How to get rid of DUI in California’ and so local SEO was key here. All our keywords had the word ‘Florida’ in them.

We also engaged in the timely update of events on Google My Business as it was a key source of traffic for this law business. We also engaged and replied to customers on Google My Business to keep up with the momentum.
We helped the client formulate a strategy to reach out to the customers and get more reviews:

898% increase in traffic


  • Technical SEO:

We did a thorough technical audit and fixed problems like:

  • Adding relevant ALT tags
  • Updating duplicate meta data
  • Fixing internal 301 redirects
  • Taking care of all 404 errors

And so on and so forth!

End Result:

The number of organic users in the last 6 months increased by 150%, 900% over 2 years and the average session duration increased by 14.84%.

The client has been living happily ever after since, and so were we.

But wait, this case study isn’t over yet.

Content signals to Google and to your customers what your page is about. Backlinks don’t fulfill this purpose. You can rank on Google without backlinks, you cannot rank without content.

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Note: We didn’t directly work with the The Reeves Law group. We got the contract through a middle agency.





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