SEO For An Acquisition Venture: Event Publishing Company.

July 15, 2022

SEO For An Acquisition Venture: Event Publishing Company – 7days7nights

Increased Relevant Traffic 2X via SEO in 6 months.

We did this campaign through a Business Acquisition Company. SEO Campaigns are not the same for every client. Every business has different challenges that they face with marketing.

The Challenge:

When we started working with this Company, their traffic was low because they were hit by the Google algorithm. They were getting hits but not enough to get ROI on their balance sheet.

SEO For A Acquisition Venture


After a detailed analysis we found out that many backlinks on this website were bought from Fiver and were therefore not authentic. We had to do a complete cleanup of the website first and review their backlinks.

The Solution:

Removed all the bad backlinks successfully and generate quality traffic for the website.

SEO For An Acquisition Venture

Within six months, the monthly traffic grew to 2369 visitors from a meager 2300 monthly visitors.

  • Content Audit: Our team at Minsa Group has prepared an in-house content audit template to monitor Google Analytics traffic, backlinks and determine page-wise traffic of any website, and we used it for this website too. Using the audit we created enough content for it to ranked for 18k keywords.


  • Intent-Based Keyword Strategy: We ran keywords gap analysis to find out keywords related to the industry and competition. We then created content around it and made sure it gets indexed. Here is the result. 18 thousand keywords and 76 Top 3 rankings

Event Publishing Company


Event Publishing Company

Went from 33 Top 3 Rankings To 76. NICE!!


  • Referring Domains: The big issue we had with them is the number of referring domains. The current ones were bad and that eventually decreased the traffic. So we did our magic and got good referring domains with DA>25.

SEO For An Acquisition Venture: Event Publishing Company


SEO For An Acquisition Venture: Event Publishing Company

633 Referring Domains to 1500

That’s Just Awesome!

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