What is “Content Run”

July 5, 2022

How do we Create Content?

“Content Run” is where we take certain actions for your existing content or to create new content. Whether it needs to be fixed, changed, moved, deleted, or created. It all happens here.

(of course, there is a lot more to it)

We heavily rely on Keyword Analysis for us to find the right keywords and topics to generate content around it.

Content Run

What is Content??

Content is what’s on your website. Simple.

Content plays a significant role in keeping your customers attracted. It is a huge part of Website, Brand and SEO success. It is technically the footprint of the business/brand.

Content is how google knows what service you are offering in a certain industry. Its glue for marketing, Social media ads, and Success in SEO campaigns.

Components of “Content Run”

  1. Keyword Gap Analysis
  2. Exiting Content
  3. Create The Topics
  4. Create The Content

Keyword Gap Analysis

A keyword gap analysis allows you to compare your keyword rankings to another domain’s rankings. This will help you discover opportunities you may be missing. From this information, you can create a list of keywords that your competitor is targeting and determine their strategy. We use a tool called Semrush to also analyze your competitors and find out what keywords they are ranked for.

Keyword Analysis

Existing content

Our job at this point is to go through each and every piece of content on your website and fix, change, delete or merge it based on keyword analysis that we did. With existing content, it is very easy to get ranked by optimizing it using right strategy.

existing content

Create Topics

After we are done with Existing stuff, Now it’s time to come up with ideas to generate more content related to keyword search. We try to generate usually 50-100 industry related topics and use tools to find what topics are trending and flush them into top of the line material. We use a tool called Semrush to analyze your competitors.

Create Topics

Create the Content

After we know what topics we need to have content around. Our professional Content Writers will get work and design your blog posts around Gap Analysis. We first write all your posts and then use professional tools to make sure they are optimized to up your rankings and be indexed.

Content Creation

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