We are the Elite Group when it comes to Optimization!

Farhan Rajpoot - founder of Minsa Group
7 Years Of Experience

About Me:

I come from 7 years of business development, marketing, sales, and leadership background. I have started agencies from zero and have taken them to an all-year growth of 1000%.

I am Farhan Rajput. Founder of Minsa Group. I am originally from a country called Pakistan. Moved to the US in 2014. I was sold on "American Dream".

"I had humble beginnings in the US. Worked my way up the ladder in the corporate world. Which helps me understand the mindset someone needs to have to grow a business. Learned from some of the top industry leaders and organizations"

Where it all started

I learned SEO back in 2013 around the time when there was a trend that businesses were getting frustrated with all these so-called “Marketing Agencies”. Everything was all over the place from reporting to results. It was a total waste of time and money

Why us?

We will Test, Track, and Implement.

I founded Minsa Group To change the conventional way. We are passionate about helping small to medium Businesses to create a strong online presence with the help of our products to achieve their objectives. Simple isn’t it?

Because You Need A Partner!

When you hire us for the services, we don’t consider you as a client.

We Take pride in treating you as a business partner. We take it very personally when it comes to getting results for your business.

With us, you can contact anyone on your account directly, anytime, for a timely and well-thought-out response. And we’ll update you without waiting to be asked.